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Planning a remodeling project? Let us work with you and your contractor to help with deconstruction of your quality materials* that can be reutilized. Habitat ReStore staff will facilitate your deconstruction donation, with labor provided by either your contractor or others that we know and trust. Your donated items will then be sold through our ReStore with the proceeds going to build more Habitat homes in our community.


*Quality materials can include: cabinets, appliances, fixtures, doors, windows, furniture, sinks, etc.



Benefits to the Donor

  • It’s extremely inexpensive! And your donated materials may also be eligible for a tax deduction (contact your accountant with questions).

  • It’s environmentally responsible. Choosing deconstruction for your project helps the environment by keeping quality items out of the landfill

  • It helps people in need. Proceeds from your donated items help build decent, affordable homes in our community

How It Works

  • Habitat ReStore works with you and your contractor (or we can use Restore’s deconstruction contractor) to remove salvageable materials from your property.

  • Materials are sold through Habitat ReStore to help build affordable homes in Kern County.

  • For more information or to find out if your project qualifies, please contact us at 661-861-8449.

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